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Trinidad & Tobago
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  Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago on SeeTobago Org
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  Visit the Home of Pan on the WWWeb
Our very own Art-form at
The Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago
[A satellite component of the World Forum for Pan]
On-Line Link To - The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago You will find who plays the most unique music in the Caribbean
Panorama Winners since 1963.
All the (known) Steelbands of TT
Remember the Iron and tamboo bamboo!
Meet some Pan People. Enjoy.
  Get your Carnival Dates
For Now and for History on
The Carnival Dates Project
[A Living Islands Project from Islands Research]
On-Line Link To - The Carnival Dates Project To plan your Holiday find
Current Carnival & Easter Dates 1826 to 2124
Carnival Dates For Historians from 1700 to 1825
Notes on The Roots of Carnival & Calendar History. Fly.
  Find some History on Trinidad & Tobago
From Columbus to the Millennium
A Brief New World History of Trinidad & Tobago
[Links with Tobago Home for the History of Tobago]
On-Line Link To - A Brief New World History of Trinidad and Tobago You may learn the latest on
Who really discovered Us in Trinidad & Tobago
About Pirates & Buccaneers; Remember a Treaty;
The Doc's Betweenity; The National Honours Awards. Discover.
    It's the middle of the hurricane season;
But with the constant rains, the trees flurish to flower.

Flowering tree, Guest House, Ortoire Village, Radix Point, Trinidad, TT - 20170819
Flowering tree: Poinciana, Flamboyant, Flame Tree (Delonix regia)
Guest House, Ortoire Village, Radix Point, Trinidad, TT - 19th August 2017 by tobagojo
Living Islands
See Trinidad and Tobago through The Living Islands Projects Tobago
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See Tobago On-Line
Both TT
See TT On-Line
See Trinidad On-Line
  Moments of Serendipity - OPEN.
  SF Read - Healer
The epic of Dalt; who becomes fabled as:
The Healer. A classic Science Fiction from 1979
[An eBook from the Moments of Serendipity archive]
On-Line Link to The classic SF epic Healer Steve Dault, got 'possessed' quite by accident, living to become a troubled 218 Years Old.
His aarogant nature became remoulded into something else.
How to face outliving those you care for! Extrapolate.
  A Rejoinder - In support of LIGO
In reply to a UWI Professor's article in the TT NEWSDAY
The Professors Faulty Gravity. Gravitational Astronomy
[An article from the Moments of Serendipity archive]
On-Line Link To - The Professors Faulty Gravity - A Rejoinder Defending a Pioneering 'Big Science' Astronomical Project LIGO & Promoting Science in TT Education. We visit The Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. LIGO
  Astronomy - Explore the Viewable Universe
The Scientific Journey of species Homo Sapiens as they Voyage to The Stars
Astronomy - Things in the Sky - 01
[A Science Learning Project from Islands Research]
On-Line Link to Astronomy - Things in the Sky - Image The Eagle Nebula A Visual history of the Atomic & Astronomical Sciences - Part 1
A Megga Picture Page (With over 450 images) of selected
Things in the Sky Imaged by some of the worlds largest Telescopes.
A View of Atoms from within the Cosmic Globe gives data from
NASA & ESA and other sources, with explanations, as a Primer in Astronomy; with a West Indian touch. Voyage.
  Trinidad 1880 - Explore some History with Pictures
The cruise of Her Majesty's ship Bacchante 1879-1882 (Pub. 1886) Vol 1 – Subset TRINIDAD
Trinidad, British West Indies, 1880
[A Visual History Project from Islands Research]
On-Line Link To - Trinidad, British West Indies, 1880. History with Pictures In 1880 two British Princes made a visit to Trinidad.
They arrived as 'Cadets' aboard Her Majesty's ironclad sail/steam war-ship Bacchante.
During their visit they would plant some trees and rename the Mission village of Monkey Town, to Princes Town.
This is the story of their entire stay in Trinidad, with 1880 pictures of some places they visited.
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