The Tamboo Bamboo Band
Extract from The Tamboo Bamboo Bands by Dr Felix IR Blake
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Tamboo Bamboo Band

Tamboo Bamboo Band with Chantwell

© 1995 Dr FIR Blake: Pg 47; THE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO STEEL PAN: History and Evolution
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Claxton Bay Tamboo Bamboo Band_Skiffle-PanYard_20120831_tobagojo@gmail.com_SAM_2266-C_col01_990w.jpg

Claxton Bay Tamboo Bamboo Band
The band re-enacts the traditional Chantwell with it's caller presenting samples of old chants; with calls to, and singing responce from the team.
Independence Day holiday evening's celebrations, Skiffle PanYard, Coffee Street, San Fernando, Trinidad, TT, 31st August 2012 - by tobagojo

Claxton Bay Tamboo Bamboo Band_Skiffle-PanYard_20120831_tobagojo@gmail.com_SAM_2265-C_col01_990w.jpg

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