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...The question of money played no small role in the cancellation of Panorama 1979.

   The pannists had requested a "participation incentives of TT$3,500.00 in addition to an appearance fee of TT$500.00" but the request was rejected by Government. In essence, Government accepted the appearance fee request but stated that the approval of the "incentive fee" would come only when Panorama made in excess of TT$275,000.00.

   Pannists held many meetings with the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) in an attempt to resolve the situation. However, it proved to be futile. This having failed, a delegation took their cause to Prime Minister, Dr Eric Williams, who thought that the issue was serious enough to summon a meeting of People's National Movement members of both houses of Parliament at Balisier House - the Party's Headquarters.

   This meeting also failed to achieve the desired result. Consequently, the pannists decided to boycott all shows and competitions sponsored by the Carnival Development Committee.

   It should be pointed out that at the time of the boycott, the National Preliminaries had already taken place at the Queen's Park Savannah on January 10th and 11th.

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