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  The Broken Lance Mitan Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge Fails
Moruga, Trinidad
The Lance Mitan Suspension Bridge collapsed on Carnival Sunday 1998. Pictures, Reasons for Failure and some Newspaper and other reports are shown. To The broken Lance Mitan Suspension Bridge - Trinidad
  The Dancing Walls
Skiffle Bunch wall paintings
San Fernando, Trinidad
The Dancing Walls a visual history.
The Skiffle Bunch panyard Wall Paintings
A clear view of the usually obscure.
To The Dancing Walls - by Glen Steel
  Carla's Mark
A scribble by Carla
San Fernando, Trinidad
Carla's Mark
Carla makes her Mark in a copybook
From the mind of a 10 year old girl.
To Carlas Mark
  The Urn in Trinidad
The Urn in Trinidad
San Fernando, Trinidad
Urn in Trinidad
Tracing the European origins of a pottery Urn,
found in London England, now in Trinidad.
To The Urn in Trinidad
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Garvy and Pink Poui

The curious statue of Jamaica's Marcus Garvy (1887-1940); and pink Poui, Harris Promenade, San Fernando, Trinidad, TT
In 1939 Garvy came to speak at the Gaiety Theatre, Mucarapo Street, San Fernando, to espouse on social imbalances and favoured a 'Back to Africa' movement.
20100224 by tobagojo@gmail.com

Sunset, Kings Warf

Sunset, Kings Warf, San Fernando, Trinidad, TT. 20100224 by tobagojo@gmail.com

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