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   This is the Year-Dot Trinidad & Tobago internet steelband list. This list was constructed from information gathered in Trinidad in February 1996. It was processed in the UK and emailed to Ulf Kronman after 6th June 1996. Ulf placed it on his World Forum for Pan site a day or two afterwards.

   It has been given a face lift to match this current site 'style', and updated to rectify obvious errors, such as; to rationalise some band names and to correct spelling; but the list essentially remains unchanged.

  It differs from the main steelband lists of this site in that there are no out-links and naming convention rational has not been applied.

   The reason for naming the list The 1995 Pan Reference List is that it provides a reasonably accurate snapshot of the number of [known] steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago as of 1995.
   As future lists may be compiled over the years, the health of the steelband population my be gauged by comparison.

tobagojo - 12 December 1997

Compiled & Processed by Islands Research for:
The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad & Tobago

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