Ulf Kronman
Author, Physicist, Steeldrum Tuner and Pannist
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    From the back notes of
    Steel Pan Tuning 1992

  • Ulf Kronman, 38 [1991], is a Swedish physicist and steel pan player. He has studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and now pursues post-graduate studies in acoustics at the institute.
  • In 1979 Kronman went to the Caribbean and fell in love with the steel pan - a unique instrument and the only genuinely new invention in acoustic musical instruments during the twentieth century. He became a proponent of steelband music in Sweden and a founding member of the Stockholm steelband Hot Pans.
  • In 1987 he started to systematically investigate the manufacturing process and the acoustics of the pan, using advanced facilities of the Department of Music Acoustics at the Royal Institute of Technology.
  • Kronman has combined his keen interest in the making and tuning of pans with his knowledge of acoustics to produce [his] book - a thorough and detailed documentation of the steel pan and how to make it and tune it.

  • Krister Malm
    director Mlusikmuseet, Stockholm
    former assistant director Trinidad & Tobago Folklore Archives

    Ulf's Pan World on the Web
  •    Ulf started running WWWeb pages about Pan, out of Stockholm, early in 1995. This he called: The Pan Page - a Forum for the Steel Pan Instrument.
       On it, he had reference to some of his research material about pan. Using open questions on his site, and through email, Ulf began to collect and include world-wide information about pan tuners, pan manufacturers, steelbands, pan news groups; and linked his site to anyone who had anything to say about pan.
       Having produced and edited the digitised copy himself; in July 1995 Ulf placed the internet-ready version of his book Steel Pan Tuning, paper published in 1992, on his WWWeb site.
       As Ulf took up his position as Webmaster at the Karolinska Institute [of Medicine] Library; he moved his entire WWWeb site at the end of 1996; and renovated it during the spring of 1997, to cope with the added influx of information, and to streamline the look of the pages.
       In mid 2002, The Pan Page disconcertingly disappeared from the web. Ulf had changed his server and was applying some further visual and technical changes to his general pages. By the end of October 2002, Ulf was back on the web, running from a service called the Swedish Stockholm Music Museum. With a new look, and providing that quintessential quality service expected by the world Pan public at large, Ulf's World Forum for Pan, was back on-line.
    Around early December 2004 Ulf moved his website once again, this time to the Hot Pans web.
  • Ulf's The Pan Page has now grown to become the definitive Forum for Pan on the WWWeb.
  • His book Steel Pan Tuning dedicated to
    ‘the rhythmic people of Trinidad and Tobago and their master tuners’ is now the starters text-book of the genre, and is located at:
  • email:
  • snailmail:
    Ulf Kronman
    Varvagen 3, bv
    S-171 40 Solna
    Tel: + (46) 8 27 76 93

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