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World Steelbands 2005
The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago
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World Steelbands 2005

No   Country Totals   % World
1   Bahamas 1 0.1
2   Barbados 1 0.1
3   Canada 39 5.2
4   Denmark 5 0.7
5   Finland 2 0.3
6   France 11 1.5
7   Germany 4 0.5
8   Israel 1 0.1
9   Italia 1 0.1
10   Jamaica 1 0.1
11   Japan 13 1.7
12   The Netherlands 2 0.3
13   Saint Lucia 1 0.1
14   Sweden 14 1.9
15   Switzerland 154 20.4
16   Trinidad & Tobago* 144 19.1
17   United Kingdom 30 4.0
18   USA 330 43.8
No   Country Totals % World
18   World Totals 754 100.0
* All Panorama 2005 Bands + Junior Panorama 2004 Bands; but NOT Pan in Schools Bands (estimate about 16 or more at this time)
Note: Steelbands may be of any size; an ensemble to Panorama max
Source: Islands Research - 29 June 2005

World Steelband 2005 Count
Ulf Kronman's World Bands page supplied most of the band data; from a count of Steelbands by Name vis Country listed.
Within the page; links led to 3 seperate Countries: Switzerland, USA and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Switzerland data was a direct count from the 'Pan Jumbies' page data.

The USA count needed a comparison of the USA bands listed by 'Steel Spice' and those listed by Kronman, and then removing the duplications from the lists to compile a total count.

For the TT bands; although the general Conventional + Traditional listings could have been used; it is known that in these lists, some of the listed bands are defunct and some new ones are yet to be added. So it was decided to use the list of 'active' bands; pointing to the Panorama preliminaries 2005 in which most bands participate, together with the Junior Panorama bands. However no data was available for Junior Panorama 2005, so the 2004 list was used, on the assumption that there would not be any large difference, significant to this tally, between the two years.
The TT Ministry of Education initiated a Pan in Schools programme around 2003. Because the suppliers of pans were in shortfall of the required amount of instruments, the ME asked some major steelbands to loan sets of pans to the schools. It is understood that around 12 complied. Using an estimate of the pan suppliers real capabilities, would thus place a further 4 sets of pans into the system; giving a grand estimate total of 16.

In all these lists; it is expected that a number of bands have ceased to function; and on the other hand that a number of new bands await in the wings for listing; and that this change just about cancels out.

The accuracy of the count is probably in the bounds -5% to +20%; It supposes that the 'World list' under-estimates the real number of bands in the first place; in addition some 'countries' are probably under-represented having not as yet even reported to Kronman.

So in summary, there are probably more bands than listed.

This data was compiled from a veriety of web sources beginning with:

Ulf Kronman's Forum For Pan - Data list to World Steelbands
Steelbands around the World

Followed by sub links to:

For the USA - Steel Spices
Steelbands in the USA
Hosted by Caribbean Spice.

For Switzerland: - Pan Jumbie
Pan Jumbie - Links - Steelbands in Switzerland

For Trinidad & Tobago - Islands Research for:
The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad & Tobago

Single Pan Bands
Single Pan Steelbands - Preliminary Results - Combined Zones - TT Steelband Panorama 2005

Conventional bands
TT Steelband Panorama 2005 - Preliminary Results - Conventional Steelbands

Junior Panorama (No 2005 data - used 2004)
TT Steelband Panorama 2004 - Junior Steelband Panorama 2004

Compiled for:
The Second International Symposium In Arts Education Programme
Paper: Reflections on Aspects that Define the Steelband Culture of Trinidad and Tobago
By: Dr. Jeannine Remy, D.M.A. - June 2005

Compiled & Processed by Islands Research for:
The Steelbands (Pan) of Trinidad & Tobago

World Steelbands 2005
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Historic Update: 29 June 2005; Last Update: 29 June 2014 01:33:00 TT
Processed by: Jeremy G de Barry

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