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   The notes on these pages make an attempt to describe steelbands ‘as they are’.

   There is this difference between the reality, and my understanding and definition of what that reality is.

   They are as different as a mango is to a coconut.

   I am an infant to this subject. In time, as my understanding improves; as the existing authorities on the subject are discovered and consulted; as the steel drum masters themselves tell me their stories; these pages will be adjusted and expanded in the hope of better clarity and fewer differences in these viewpoints. Only time will show if the infant matures to the task.

   The subject of the Trinidad and Tobago steelbands is vast; it will take time to build a reasonable site about it.

   I apologise in advance for any errors, omissions or biases that these pages may inadvertently contain, but admit that some of them are obviously mine.

   I have not set out to offend in any way, any person, body or group of individuals; but in case I have, I again wish to apologise.

   Please feel free to email any comments or corrections you may like to make.

  Jeremy G de Barry  December 1997  Trinidad  TT  West Indies

2nd Edition - All the above still applying some 16 years later; the descriptive text of the Home Page of The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago however, needed some serious updates in the light of real life experience. I have tried to maintain that 'as they are' sentiment, together with that early promise I made to Othello Molineaux , that when writing about our steelpan players, that they should be referred to as 'steel drummers'. Obliged as I am to remain true to our own cultural references; I hope that I have found the right balance between the view we have of ourselves and the view seen of ourselves from outside, as our brother Othello would wish.

I apologise, though mildly, for the number of images of Hatters that appear, but when trying to illustrate things, I can use only what I have to hand.

Advances in technology now allows larger images to be used than was economically the case before.

I remain indebted to an uncountable number of pan people for the insights they have offered over the years, and to the members of Hatters Steel Orchestra for allowing me a home in pan.

The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago - 2nd Edition - tobagojo July 2014

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