Jeremy G de Barry
OND  HND  P Dip  EEEng
Electrical & Electronic Development and Control Engineer
Web designer, webmaster and author
Trinidadian - 1950

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Jeremy G de Barry
Flat 1
23-25 Circular Road
San Fernando
Trinidad, TT
West Indies

Tel: + (868) 739 2918
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  Jeremy G de Barry

I hate 'full-stops' "."; they are an anathema to data processing and visual design


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TRINIDAD: Government Primary Boys R.C., Harris Promenade, San Fernando;

The Abbey School, Mount St Benedict (G.C.E.);

U.W.I. Extra Mural Night School, San Fernando (G.C.E).

ENGLAND U.K.: Southampton Technical College (O.N.D. Eng.);

Machine Shop aprentership: Tate and Lyle Ltd., Plaistow, East London;

Southampton College of Technology (H.N.D. E.E.Eng.)

+ W.E.A.: Astronomy & Space Research;

The University Southampton (Physics, Astronomy);

Plymouth Polytechnic (P. Dip. C.E.I. Exemption Part 2. E.E.Eng.) A.M.I.E.E. (1976)





Electronic and Electrical

Project/Systems Engineer.

Analogue and Direct Digital Control.

Instrumentation and Process Control.

Systems Specification Engineering.

Customer Liaison and Project Planning.

Hardware Design/Development/Applications/Test/Analysis.

Systems Commissioning and Service.






Access Electronics Ltd.



Allen Bradley International Ltd.

Milton Keynes.


The Alternative Catalogue Ltd.



BAJ Vickers Ltd.



BOC Arc Equipment Ltd.

Milton Keynes.





BOC Automated Welding Products Ltd.

Milton Keynes.


A.S. Bryden and Sons (Trinidad) Ltd.

Trinidad, W.I.


Cranfield Unit of Precision Engineering.



EEC Services



Energy Concepts Ltd, (CMK Office)

Central Milton Keynes






Ellesmere Port.


Federation Chemicals Ltd.

Trinidad, W.I.


GEC, AWP Division Ltd.



GEC, Electrical Projects Ltd.



GEC, Energy Systems Ltd.






GEC, Industrial Controls Ltd.



GEC, Robot Systems Ltd.



Hydrotechnics Ltd.

Polluxhill, Bedford.


Interactive Systems (U.K.) Ltd.



Lucas Aerospace Ltd., Engine Systems Division.






Lucas Hartridge Ltd., Special Products Division.



Marine Gravity Acquisitions Ltd.

Milton Keynes.


Marketing Power House Ltd

Milton Keynes


Maxon Systems Ltd.

Hemel Hempsted.


Maxon Cellular Systems Ltd.






Ministry of Defence (MOD) - UK



Motorola Ltd. (AIEG Group.)



NEI Thompson Ltd.

Ettingshall, Wolverhampton.


The Open University.

Milton Keynes.


Power Electronics Consultants Ltd.

Market Harbourough.





Programme Technical Services Ltd.

Milton Keynes.


(V.S. Remek Ltd.) Now:

ASEA Manufacturing Systems Ltd.



Rank Cintel Ltd.



Rolls Royce Ltd., Aero Engines Div.



Rolls Royce Ltd., Rodney Works.



Rolls Royce Ltd.

Mount Sorrel.





Royal Ordinance Factory.



Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd.



Straken and Henshaw.



Tate and Lyle Ltd.



U.K. Atomic Energy Authority.






Volks Ltd.

Normandy, Guildford.


Wavedriver Ltd.

Melbourne Science Park, Cambridge.


The Welding Institute.



Weston Instruments Ltd.



WHESSOE Heavy Engineering.



World-serve Ltd

Milton Keynes


Unstarred Companies;

Represent those with whom I have worked directly; either as an employee, or as a contractor/consultant, for a particular Project.

Starred (*) Companies;

Represent Customers with whom I have had direct on-site Special Project Technical Liaison links; on behalf of a Supplier (unstarred) Company.



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  Analogue and Digital Control Systems; A & D system interfacing in Hazardous Areas; System Electrical Power Distribution, Interfacing and Control. Stepper and Servo Motor Drives; Linear & PWM Power Amp systems; Signal Processing & Process Control.

 Products, Projects & Activities:

  Turnkey Industrial Automation Systems; which have included: General Industrial Electronic Control Modules and Test Systems; Automatic Welding Systems & Power Sources; Jet Engine Fuel Pump and Auto Fuel Injector Test Systems. IC Engine Management Units.

  Projects & Activities of interest: Development engineering on an applications team directed by Dr Robert Wright, the research pioneer of MIG welding out of the Welding Institute in the U.K., to develop transistorised control for Pulsed high current DC MIG and TIG welding systems for the nuclear power plant industry, and for ship, submarine and aircraft manufacture. Produced some of the first commercial 300A Pulsed TIG and 500A MIG welding systems in and for the U.K. The technology was later shared to Lincoln Enterprises Welding Ltd in the USA. and to the European arm of BOC in France, where it impacted strongly on the French nuclear power industry. Associated with Penetration Control (TIG application) systems using behind-the-weld monitoring by fibre optics; and as a technological 'aside', to demonstrate the sensitivity of the equipment, demonstrated penetration control with a TIG welding arc that 'spoke' a recorded marketing spiel in German, whilst successfully joining two ¼ inch thick steel pipe samples.

Chimney of

  A 500A analogue de-Gaussing amplifier for the Welding Institute. Design and document test systems for electronic systems components manufactured by Allen Bradley International Ltd. Maxon Cell Phone development for Tiawan and markets in the East; The U.K. Electric Vehicle Project development at the science park in Cambridge; Rank Ltd. film to digital (HDTV) conversion/editing machines used by the film/video production industry. A heating/refrigeration ±0.05deg C temperature control system for the 1 micron precision milling machine at the Cranfield Institute of Technology. A 0.3Meg Watt military jet-engine fuel-pump test system that controlled the speed of the pump, adjusted the pressures around the pump; and monitored for safety and for system integrity, the pressures & temperatures of some 1,000 gallons of recalculating aviation fuel (kerosene), contained within the various operating systems. A test system for auto fuel-injectors. An automated system for the manufacture of turbine blades for the aero engine industry. The test and manufacture of engine management computer systems, Motorola, for the automobile industry.

  Appreciation for the nontrivial task of raw data handling and management, were gained on a project to compile, edit and produce an ~ 10,000 item electronic components catalogue. Another was the management, manipulation, merging and cleaning of data sets to produce, and print; a marketing 'junk mail' post, to 250,000 addresses.

  The experimenters electronics components kit and documentation, used in distance learning on 'the operation of computers', for the BBC's nationally televised programs originating from the Open University, Milton Keynes. On home ground; assisted Dr Jeannine Remy, ethnomusicologist and steelpan arranger, Associate Professor Idaho State University, USA, at the beginning of the project; later Senior Lecturer UWI, Trinidad; pioneer the introduction and use of IT technology for interconnectivity across continents; the production of written music and its conversion to audio, and its processed distribution, as a teaching and learning resource for the TT panyards.

 Computing Systems:

  Experience with the use of the following types of computers and controllers; General PC XT/AT; Mitsubishi Melsec-A PLC; HP 3065 ATE.


Variable applied knowledge of: DOS; Windows environment; MEDOC PLC Lang.; ORCAD, EXL, 123(&W), Word, Freelance+, Corel, Aldus PM, Scan & ORC sw; PC & Norton Utilities and others; HTML4+ & 'C+'; Sw installation programming.

DTP; Graphics design; Audio and Video production; PC networks; WWWeb design and Internet installation.

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A Decade or Two: 1996 to 2014


Around mid 1996; de Barry returned to Trinidad from the UK to pursue activities generally outside the technological areas of previous focus. The activities now moved to interests in the fauna, flora, culture and history of TT. In time, these interests gravitated towards the musical steelpan culture of TT. This was not a mutually exclusive change of interest; as de Barry had already been a musician in Trinidad since the late 1960's in the combo Interpreters, and by this time, had in the UK become a 'folk' musician/songwriter, albeit of some small but noteworthy context, within the Milton Keynes Art Society of the early 1990's. 'Pan' is the 'rootsey' call of 'home', and became a theme to which technologies experience could be applied.


A web site, (2008) - previously (1997 to 2007); now (2014+) - was set up to illustrate various aspects of TT and it's culture. Running the web site engendered many of its own 'projects'; themes or matters of interest that needed to be portrayed, so as to give relevant body to the site. The web site now represents, to a large extent, The Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago.


In keeping with this theme, and with music; de Barry joined the executive of Hatters Steel Orchestra in 1999 becoming the bands Public Relations Officer (PRO).


Pan and the Web have dominated de Barry's interests over the past decade, and some; together with Science Fiction and the theoretical physics of Astronomy, his other main interests.



The Panyard Experience.


Although officially the PRO of Hatters Steel Orchestra (2002 to 2019); de Barry has un-officially acted, at various times, as the co-ordinator (1999 to 2002) and acting as manager (various other intivals) for the band, performing these duties on a 'needs-be' bases, on behalf of the Hatters; as at these times, there was simply no one else there to do that function.



Summary - Around The Last Decade or so. (1996 to 2014)

TT, In the Panyard & On the Web



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'Culture is a time, a place and a people'



A Time - 1996 to Present



A Place


To make the 100 stony-step climb out of Pirates Bay, or feel the nibbling fish of a cloudy Canoe Bay, or see the giant silk-cotton tree, fabled 'home to the spirits of our ancestors', between Moriah and Castara, and ah - a Castara Sunset, or swim the treacherous currents of Toco, or view the angry swirls of the 'remo' from a fishing perague off Monos, or see the sad bobbing plastic waste pollutants around Gasparee's 'Paradise Island' resort, or marvel from the edge at the still crystal tidal waters of Gaspar Grandes' cool caves, or after sunset make the photo-plankton 'glow' with the swirl of an idle hand in the waters off the island's southern flank, or collect 'jumbie beads' from the spiny periphery around the bubbly mud of the Devils Woodyard, or to be swept adrift at Columbus Bay and to return ashore by swimming back beneath the sandstone arch at Los Gallos Point, or view the fossil foot-prints of past creatures in the uplifts near Moruga point, or to skin the mackawell sadly killed in ignorance of the habits of snakes at Guayaguayare, or be cautious around the pink-toed tarantulas that infested the eves of the long abandoned Point Radix house, or hunt 'donkey eyes' at the edge of the rustling coconut groves of a windy Manzanilla beach, or to listen at the foot of San Fernando hill to the kiskadees quarrel in the middle of the day; is to know that the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are a unique and fragile home. Yet this is but small comment to the many wonders of these islands; a lifetimes work to document, to touch the fauna and flora alone.

Sunset Kings Warf, San Fernando, Trinidad, TT_20090904_tobagojo@gmail.com_DSCN1616B



A People


To move around inside your home steelband that is playing on the Panorama stage, on a finals night at Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad, as freely as if it were a normal nights practice in the panyard; is an experience unique and near beyond description. To there reflect on the efforts of the few to get it all there; having in the South seen-off the convoy of trailers of racks, the small-pan truck and the bus-loads of players on their way to arrive here. The off-load and set-up at the designated place on the road, that the bands refreshments are on time, that the player do not stray from the road-practice or drink overmuch. That the seasons decorations, all the banners and flags and the sponsors logos and stickers are in place; that every one has their 'T-Shirt'. The banner bearers lead as the thrill of a playing steelband begins its rolling demonstration trek down through the thick crowd on the barber-green; the traditional pre-stage pause for a prayer. The up-stage push as the selected order of racks come over the ramp to be positioned on-stage, the 'quadro' rack first, to mark centre-stage and the centre of the band, behind the mandatory, troublesome taught-stretched banner; that identifies our tune and playing position; grandises our sponsor, and shouts acclaim for the ever hopeful icon arranger. The nervous banner girls usually have trouble with it, smiling in stress as it catches a fleeting wind, but gamefully hanging on, surprised at how tricky it is to keep is taught. Not so surprising really, as they are usually cohered to duty at the last minute, friends of the panyard, of some prettiness, and are at this moment rehearsing in their minds, the instructions they have just received of where and how they are to go, when it all starts. It is noisy as the racks are cart-wheeled and 'bumped' into position, the calypso 'tune' announcing from the speakers, the players chatting excited last minute banter as they tend to their pans and enter their racks that begin to crowd the stage. The fit is tight as there is now only a narrow walk-way at the front and the back of the stage, as the wheels of the racks are given their final check for the placement of their 'stop-chucks', and the events recording crew cautioned where not to place their microphones; and the stage directives for the banner bearers and flag waver given. The noise fades towards silence as the judges indicate that they are ready; and the Captain gives his nod. From the blinking metronome, the arrangers tapping on a pan-skirt brings a deep rumble as the players feet stamp into synchronism with the beat. The final staccato flourish of taps brings the players to focus to start the music; they pan-dance and sway as the tune unwinds; and to ponder there, what still needs to be done, regardless of the result, to get all these players, all these pans and racks; back home to base, all safe and sound; is on one hand, an anxious moment of introspection. Yet, on the other, a thought forward to hopeful clockwork planning; that the trucks are over there, ready in place at the other end of stage-exit. That the players have a good play, that they are happy and remain co-operative, that they remember to hold-on to their valuable hi-pans when they finish, that the rolling dismount of the racks off the down-stage ramp is controlled so that no pans fall, and amid all this rolling iron and excitement that no-one is run over. That the hi-pans quickly find their place into the safety of the boxes of the small-truck, that the reload of racks onto trailers is swift and orderly. That the busses have now arrived; that the free-riders are kept away so that the bands members; and that group of young members, someone's precious children in you care; all get a safe ride home. It is still a chancy thing, because it all has to be off-loaded and repacked in the panyard at the other end; and some members have to be cajoled into promises to do it. It is all daunting to witness and tiring to the end; but at the close, after a very long and trying day; it has all been truly magnificent.




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