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The table shows those CITY / AREA / STATE / COUNTRY's that may use the Carnival Dates listed on these pages.

  • KNOWN CARNIVAL - These Carnival Dates Pages apply on, or after, the Known Carnival date with certainty.
  • LIMITATION DATE - Caution Dates for historians, before which it is uncertain that the specified CALENDAR applies.
    [ See Cautions and Limitations note. ]
    C1   Trinidad Caribbean 1826 1798 (next possible 1583) Gregorian
    C2   Tobago Caribbean 1850* 1751 Gregorian
        * Speculative. No definate date for carnival start in Tobago at this time.

    Your Feedback Welcome
    YOU are welcome to contribute by indicating your Country; if it has similar Carnival Dates to those used here.
    If you do have a carnival, it would help if you also include a date that you think it started. This does not necessarily have to be the difinitave date, but only an early confirmed date. It will possibly get fined down later.
    Any comments you may have are welcome.
    email with: Carnival/Country/??? in the Subject line.
    Thank you - tobagojo@gmail.com

      21 July 2001 - tobagojo@gmail.com

    The usual Oooops! Disclaimer

      This disclaimer applies to all The Carnival Dates Project - Trinidad & Tobago documents that indicate the dates Carnival Monday, Carnival Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and/or Easter/Sunday.

      For whatever reasons you are using the above mentioned dates, you are advised to please consult other sources to verify these dates. Neither Jeremy G de Barry, nor any contributors indicated on these documents, nor the host facilitators to these documents, may be held responsible in any way whatsoever, if these dates are incorrectly calculated or applied. The user assumes full responsibility for the consequences of using this information.

      Have a nice day

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