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Easter Dating Links


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The Astronomical Society of South Australia - The most authoritative site.
Easter Dating Method by Ronald W. Mallen; Mallen's Method - Western & Orthodox Easters 326 - 4099
Marcos Montes - Solid and accurate Easter information
Easter Sunday in both the Western (Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant) Christian, and in the Eastern (Orthodox) Christian traditions. Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar
With links to many Calendars / Dating Methods / Algorithms for many Denominations and Festivals
GM Arts - Very informative with Calendars / Easter Dates Calculations / Histories
Overview Calendar & Easter Topics / Easter Dates / Easter Algorithms / Calculators / A Perpetual Calendar


Site Map - US Naval Observatory - Astronomical Applications Department
Dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday
The Date of Easter
Leap Years
Calendars and their History
The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium
The International Date Line

  In order to be able to present the dates shown for The Carnival Dates Project pages; resources providing Easter Dates calculations had to be found.
  The Carnival Dates Project used the web sites of The Astronomical Society of South Australia, Marcos Montes and GM Arts as principal sources for this information; and remains indebted to their originators for this facility.

Other References
Timekeeping, Pg 49; Calendars, Pg 65
An Introduction to Astronomy
8 th Edition
Laurence W Fredrick; Robert H Baker
ISBN 0-442-22436-2
© 1974 Litton Educational Publishing Ltd
A1 - OAS - An Aztec calendar for the year 1790; Fig 4.9, Pg 63
The Motions of the Earth; 5-8/13, Pg 57- 63
Survey of the Universe
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13-879163-5 / LCCCN 79-149820
© 1970 Prentice-Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA

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  This disclaimer applies to all The Carnival Dates Project - Trinidad & Tobago documents that indicate the dates Carnival Monday, Carnival Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and/or Easter/Sunday.

  For whatever reasons you are using the above mentioned dates, you are advised to please consult other sources to verify these dates. Neither Jeremy G de Barry, nor any contributors indicated on these documents, nor the host facilitators to these documents, may be held responsible in any way whatsoever, if these dates are incorrectly calculated or applied. The user assumes full responsibility for the consequences of using this information.

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Easter Dating Links
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