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  A Tribute to Clive Bradley
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  To Master steelband arranger Clive Bradley (1937 - 2005)
Guitar & Keyboard Player, Arranger, Composer
An Interview with Clive Bradley - On-Line  

Master Arranger Clive Bradley R.I.P.
Clive Bradley starts WITCo Desperadoes at the Panorama Semi Finals - 23rd January 2005
Where he Loved to Be - In Front de Band
Clive Bradley starts WITCo Desperadoes at the Panorama Semi Finals - 23rd January 2005
The Bradley after-start Flurish
The flurish on the Start
Images © NCC TV

Pdvd_024_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_pointing-a_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 29885 Bytes
Clive Bradley
Pdvd_025_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_pointing-b_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 18676 Bytes
In Front de Band
Pdvd_027_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_pointing-c_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 30795 Bytes
WITCo Desperadoes - Semi-Finals 2005

Death and Funeral

Pdvd_039_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_sailing-1_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 31579 Bytes
Bradley Sailing
Pdvd_037_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_sailing-2_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 13619 Bytes 150p-wide.gif - 57 Bytes Pdvd_068_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_sailing-3_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 14812 Bytes

Pdvd_050_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-1_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 16867 Bytes      Pdvd_045_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-2_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 17897 Bytes
Pdvd_046_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-3_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 17582 Bytes
Pdvd_055_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-4_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 16570 Bytes      Pdvd_058_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-5_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 16701 Bytes
Just Bradley
Pdvd_060_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-6_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 28475 Bytes
Doing his thing
Pdvd_064_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-7_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 17008 Bytes     Pdvd_066_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-8_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 17527 Bytes
Pdvd_071_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_leading-9_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 29414 Bytes

Pdvd_073_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_get-ready-1_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 23710 Bytes      Pdvd_074_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_get-ready-2_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 23783 Bytes
Bradley on the Get Ready
Pdvd_075_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_get-ready-3_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 23377 Bytes      Pdvd_076_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_get-ready-4_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 20992 Bytes

In Tribute To
Pdvd_086_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 47844 Bytes
Clive Bradley

IT is at this time that we reflect in our memory, our moments with Bradley; no matter how close or how far that contact. At this time, the stories come out into the light. They are great and they are small. Some are true, some are false; and some whatever their nature will become legend.

Pdvd_088_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 25648 Bytes

  Desperadoes in particular, and to all those other steelbands of his realm; we, your sisters and brothers in pan, honour your players for their skills in bringing Bradleys dreams to our ears to so stir our emotions.

Pdvd_077_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 24620 Bytes
  What is TT legend, is Bradley the arranger himself and the closest other half of his persona, the 'peoples' steelband Desperadoes. Together, with many in the background, they paved a way of life and a way of music that defines a precious part of our TT culture. This is now our inheritance.
Pdvd_089_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 29930 Bytes
  Bradley; we, your sisters and brothers in pan, forever will remember your music, your subtle and entertaining showmanship and your skills as an accomplished Master arranger.
Pdvd_097_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 45966 Bytes
  Bradley, you were many different things to many and different people. You were good and bad, as with all men, but you made a strong and pleasing mark on many of us, and on your land. For sharing your gifts during that part of your life with us, we thank you.
Pdvd_115_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 19466 Bytes      Pdvd_116_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 19436 Bytes
  Your friends once had to pull you out of the gutter from the street in New York, to guide you to a safe place to protect your body; while your mind was filled with iridescent wonderings. Not a tarnish, but a reality of living.
Life is Experience - Experience is Life.
We, in our clutch for reality and our crying criticisms sometimes forget that what is lifting you, yet hurting you in those mixed moments of self-indulgence, does not then hurt us. And yet again; to hold the mantle of Master, needs self-control.
Experience is Life - Life is Experience.
Pdvd_110_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 31586 Bytes
  But whatever, whenever, we must not forget that it was you, your mind, that found the notes, that ran the music, that led the way for many, some also near out of the gutter; into a changed, a better and a more hopeful world.
Pdvd_118_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 31812 Bytes
Pdvd_119_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 30418 Bytes
  We will miss you from 'in front de band' Teacher Bradley; we will remember you, we will celebrate your music and we will keep growing and through your legacy, TT will hold pride and not despair.

Pdvd_114_clive-bradley_in-front-de-band-desperadoes_panorama-semi-finals-2005_on-the-dance_ncctv-ch4.jpg - 49169 Bytes

  tobagojo – 04/12/2005

Pdvd_006_clive-bradley_pre-panorama-semi-finals-2005-interview_ncctv-ch4_2.jpg - 27052 Bytes
Pre Panorama 2005 interview on NCC TV Ch4

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